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Vista Control Systems, Inc.

Advanced SCADA

Top Performing Real-Time Database

Top Performing Historian

NEW!   Vista Announces No BASH Vulnerability!


NEW!   Extending Vsystem to the Mobile and Casual-Access World

Dedicated to Empowering You to Implement Serious, Professional HMI / SCADA Systems with Integrated Historian That Get the Job Done

  • Choose your trusted computer type(s) from Windows, Linux, OpenVMS and Solaris

  • Stable - depending only on the stability of the underlying operating system

  • Collect all the data with Vlogger for historical analysis by engineers, production managers and corporate use.

  • Exploit the openness and flexibility of the tools and the interfaces - no vendor lock in for components

  •  Benefit from the software architecture

  • Add in models for production set-up, simulation and training systems

  • Collect data at the rate you need, including pictures correlated with other data.  Vlogger performance far exceeds all other historians.

  • Licenses include unlimited tags/channels - no rushed upgrade purchase orders.

  • Make any addition or changes to the system while it is running, no reboot needed!

  • Support from developers – fast and complete responses to your needs

  • Solid basis for specialized OEM SCADA products

  • No dependencies on other products

  • No requirements for particular service packs or patches

  • Easy upgrades when you choose.

"We commissioned a market survey and no other package meets our machine monitoring requirements.  Vsystem not only meets our requirements, it exceeds them." - Plastics Plant Engineer

"I have reviewed all of the packages available and worked with many of them.  Only Vista's Vsystem could exceed our needs, while most do not even come close to meeting them." - Power Plant Integrator

"While engineers using other popular packages scratch their heads wondering if they can even implement particular requirements, 10 minutes with Vista and I'm done!" - Steel Plant Integrator

“The popular packages are glitzy on the outside, but look under the covers and they are an architectural mess – Vista puts it’s products together the right way” - SCADA Integrator

".....I have to admit, your software is truly impressive." - engineer from one of the top international automation companies

"Boy do we regret not fighting the local SCADA standard (a well known Windows package) - all the new systems will be Vista!"  - metals plant manager

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