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Vista Control System's Privacy Policy

  1. Personally identifiable information of yours that we collect and how we use it.
  2. Vista collects personal information, including your name, address and contact information, to be used in replying to your requests for information, and license transactions. We also collect information to support your license requests, such as purchase order numbers and machine identifiers.

    None of the information we collect is shared with a third party.

  3. General information we collect about visits made to our web site.
  4. We subscribe to a statistical subscription service which provides us with general information about those who visit our site. This information is used to determine trends and help us understand the traffic we see. Your IP address may be part of the information collected. It is sometimes possible to determine the domain that originated the contact. No personally identifiable information is collected by this service.

  5. Disclosure of your information.
  6. Vista does not disclose your information to third parties. However, we cooperate with law enforcement inquiries and other third parties to enforce laws, intellectual property and other rights. Local and international law enforcement agents can request and may receive your personally identifiable information.

  7. Usernames and passwords.

    We may provide you with a username and password so you can retrieve patches and enhancements to our software, or other data, as appropriate. You may not disclose your username and password to third parties except as noted below. If your username and password become compromised, you should immediately contact us and ask for a new username and password.

    You may share the username and password you use for access to our software patches and enhancements with colleagues in your company who have a current Vsystem maintenance agreement. If those colleagues work in a division that uses Vsystem but does not have a current maintenance agreement, you may not share your username and password with them. In no case is your username and password to be shared with individuals outside your company.

  8. Software you download from our web or ftp sites.

    Software and documentation you download from our web or ftp sites is covered by the Vista Control Systems License Agreement.

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