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Hytec Electronics Ltd.

Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Hytec Electronics Ltd has been developing and producing instrumentation and systems to customer order for over 30 years. Applications extend from industrial and scientific data loggers; through plant simulators; to graphics–driven, real–time database control systems. Incorporated in 1976, the company was formed by Richard Tatham initially to provide a service for government laboratories such as Culham, Harwell and NPL and to the Particle Physics market. Building on this experience the company rapidly expanded into the Public Utility Sector.

Hytec has gained an international reputation with equipment installed world-wide. The client base includes a wide selection of organisations in industry, research and commerce (UKAEA, AWE, SERC, National Grid, Power Gen, National Power, Diamond Light Source, Paul Scherrer Institut, British Energy Generation, First Hydro, RGO and major universities).

Open Architectures and Standards

Hytec designs and manufactures to international standards and provides the hardware and software building bricks for creating advanced data acquisition and control systems. The first products developed were CAMAC modules originally specified by the European Nuclear Committee ESONE. Adopted by the IEEE, this standard achieved world–wide acceptance and Hytec’s reputation enabled it to become an innovator and a major manufacturer in this market. Since that time Hytec has dramatically increased its product range which now includes VME, PCI Express, Canbus, PCI, VXI, BitBus, ISA and VME64x and Industry Pack plug-in cards.

The modular theme continues in Vsystem, the tool-box of advanced software components for creating real-time distributed systems with world-leading performance and which now supports more platforms than any other Process Control Software. All platforms supported intercommunicate seamlessly and transparently to the user. Applications running on one system have equal access to any real-time database mapped anywhere on their network.

We also sell HP computers and manufacture blade industrial control computers.

Vista and Hytec have a resellers representatives agreement that allows Hytec to market and sell Vsystem products and Vista to market and sell Hytec products in the US and Canada.

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